How To Use Keep Sacred Affirmation Cards

How To Use Keep Sacred Affirmation Cards

Creating your own self care ritual is a magical gift to yourself..this guide will help you find yours and teach you a few tips on using the Keep Sacred Affirmation Cards.

There are many ways to include affirmations into your self care rituals and practices. Some like to use them during meditations using breath-work or movement with certain phrases. Another great way to use affirmations is simply being intentional and setting the tone for your day. 

Keep Sacred Affirmation Cards are a great addition to your meditation, journaling or sacred time to reflect with a mindful value. Here are a few easy steps on how you can get started using them today!  

1. Easy Card Draw
Shuffle the cards in no particular order and fan the cards out in your hand. With you other hand,  draw one card and reflect on the Keep Sacred Practice that is paired with that certain card in the booklet. Invite this affirmation to help you set the tone for your day. Think back to it in times of stress, challenge or when you need a reminder of your affirmation.

2. Past, Present, Future Draw
Shuffle the cards and spread the whole deck out in one line. Draw 3 separate cards and lay them out in front of you. Assigning the past, present, and future to each other the cards, this can be a fun way to invite more of an  oracle reading style to the affirmation cards. 


Note: There is no wrong way to choose your affirmation! If one does not resonate with you, simply choose another! I always like to ground myself beforehand in the practice of feeling more connected to myself and creating a special sacred time.
Other ways to help set your tone could be:

-Dimming lights (choosing warm toned lights helps promote relaxation)

-Playing music 

-Lighting a candle or your favorite incense

-Brewing a cup of your favorite tea. 

-Find a few of your favorite items like gems, a journal, picture or anything else that you find sacred.

Have fun with setting your space to reflect the energy and relaxation you are aiming to receive. Keep Sacred Affirmation Cards are a tool and catalyst to help you feel more connected to your positive growth, so you can create your own magic! 

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